Dear Neighbors {A Guide to Being Courteous to Runners}

I love running in my neighborhood. It’s safe, pretty, quit, and just so happens to be a big 3.5 mile loop that makes it really easy to go various distances. There are always other people walking, biking, running or working in their yards.

As a runner, I do, however, have some complaints about my fellow Croftonians {people who live in Crofton, duh}. There’s just a few things we could all do to make the hood an even more running friendly place.

Dear Neighbors:

1. Set your sprinkler so it doesn’t go over the sidewalk. The concrete does not need to be watered and neither do I.

2. Ladies, if you are walking side by side with your strollers please move to single file when you see me coming towards you. I get that you need your Mom bonding, but just because you birthed a child does not give you sole rights to the sidewalk. When you don’t move, you force me either onto the treaturous, uneven grass {hello, sprained ankle} or out into the unpredictable traffic of the street {hello, car accident}.

3. For those of you behind the wheel, please stop at the actual stop sign before you sneak up to make your right or left turn. Otherwise,  you give me a heart attack because I don’t think you are going to stop AT ALL. And if you are going to be gracious and slow down to let me cross, please indicate this {small hand wave} so we don’t do the will-you-or-won’t-you-hit-me-with-your-car-dance.

4. Going for family walks is cute, and sweet, and I’m happy to see you are actually getting your children outdoors, BUT if you have small toddlers, who aren’t in a stroller, make sure they stay close to you. Trying to dodge the movements of a three-year-old {I’d rather not run them over} is like trying to figure out where a pinball is going to bounce.

5. For the love of you know what, please pick up stuff off the sidewalk in front of your house…bikes, toys, large branches…we’ve had some crazy storms that have blown all sorts of stuff all sorts of place. Get it off the sidewalk! I’m out for a run, not a hurdles event {this white girl can’t jump}.

6. I appreciate that you have to cut your grass, nobody wants to be the creepy-neighbor-whose-grass-is-way-too-long, but try, try, TRY to avoid spraying me with your clippings or asphyxiating me with the exhaust from your 20-year-old mower {BTW, they have actually manufactured lawn mowers since 1979, look into it}.

 Ok, PSA over. Bottom line?

Believe me, we are taking enough shit from our angry, aching joints…

Happy running!


  1. scpardieck13 says:

    OMG YES. The hoarding of the sidewalk thing drives me up the wall and there’s the added hazard of foreign tourists here that makes it even more maddening. I’ve started just making eye-contact with the people coming towards me and then like aggressively running faster so they get scared and move.

    And what about people with insane dogs on invisible fences? There’s a rabid possessed chihuahua at about mile 3 of one of my routes who gets shocked Every. Single. Time. someone runs by…

    Print this out and post it around the ‘hood and let me know if things improve :)

    • Briana says:

      HAHAHA I love it. Some days I do something similar and it turns into a game of chicken. Who is going to flinch and move first?! I totally forgot about dogs. There are no rabid chihuahuas in my neighborhood, but there are a few scary (and illegal) pitbulls that I worry might break through the flimsy fences confining them!

  2. Jess Caseyj says:

    I love this post!! I totally agree and your sarcastic “tone-age” is to the point! Listen up people! Back off while Brie is running :) and I would so want to see Sarah CHARGE lol!

  3. Love it!!! Awesome!! I hate sidewalk hoarders! And, Sarah, that is hilarious about the rabid chihuahua!!! Bwahahaha!!

    • Briana says:

      I know they are the worst! Sarah’s comment was hilarious. I got lunged at by a big freaking dog the other day, luckily it was on a short leash and I was so in the zone it didn’t startle me as much as it should have.

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